About Us
Coral Reef Aquariums in Tampa, Fl. is a retail aquarium store that can serve you in any of your specialty needs within the aquarium hobby, Coral Reef has offered services in marine, fresh, ponds, corals and field services to the bay area for over 15 years. The facility boasts over 5,000 gals. of water - and a myriad of aquatic ecosystems.  Almost every imaginable aquarium setup can be found on the premises. Reef and modified-reef tanks; full coral systems; predatory fish; and community salt-water as well as various specie tanks such as seahorses, sharks and rays and even octopus tanks. A variety of Cichlids, Discus and other freshwater specimens can also be found in out various freshwater ecosystems. Coral Reef is constantly innovating in custom True Refugium Filter systems and Ground breaking new LED lighting systems.  Our staff can assess your needs and the type of tank you have or are trying to create, and recommend exactly what is needed. Various foods - dry, frozen and even live - are always stocked as well as leading brands of chemicals, nutrients and medications.  Our experienced staff can assist you in evaluating your tank's specific needs. Our staff is very capable in assisting new hobbyists in learning about their new aquarium and can aide you in setting up your brand new tank. There is a home and office maintenance service Available. Check back frequently for new items and innovations Coral Reef Aquariums is introducing to hobbyists. 

The quality of our products is very important to us. Our stocks are received daily throughout the week and are fed a quality supply of nutritious food daily. Our coral frags are properly treated and healed before ever entering our systems, and our fish and invertebrates are painstakingly acclimated slowly to our systems. None of our supplies are obtained through Trans-shipping or are directly from the divers as this process is very risky due to improper acclimation and possibilities of contamination. Much of our stock is observed and hand selected from the wholesalers to ensure we only receive the best specimens.

Coral Reef Aquariums